Aluminum Seal with Movable Blinds

Melithea Pergola System

Modern design, with a wide variety of colours, and many options to add automations.

Melithea Pergola

The Melithea pergola system is specially designed and studied to effectively absorb the noise caused during the movement of the blinds.

This is initially due to the use of a motor that allows the blinds to move freely, which is placed inside the transom so that it is not visible.

Silent closing of blinds

In addition, by using elastics between the blinds, their closing is achieved noiselessly.
Finally, a brush is placed on the side of the blinds, on the transom, which, in addition to absorbing the noise during movement of the blinds, prevents light from entering when the blind is closed.

The Melithea pergola system is an innovative all-aluminium waterproof shading system with rotatable louvres, which provides protection from solar radiation in sunny conditions, but also from rain or snow with a controlled water runoff system.

Ideal for covering outdoor and semi-outdoor areas.

The modern design combined with the variety of colours we offer, as well as the option to add various automations, makes the pergola ideal for covering outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces in homes, hotel facilities and dining areas.

Melithea Σύστημα πέργκολας
Melithea Pergola System

The free movement of the blinds from 0° to 120° allows the pergola to be fully exploited in all weather conditions.


Melithea Typology

Blinds movement

The free movement of the blinds from 0° to 120° allows the pergola to be adjusted to all weather conditions.

The roof remains closed offering protection from all weather conditions.

Allows ventilation of the space regardless of weather conditions.


It allows the sun’s rays to enter, but controls the brightness.


It allows you to take full advantage of the sunlight.


Maximum blind opening, to take advantage of the sunlight even at sunset.

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