Aluminum Seal with Movable Blinds

Evothéa Bioclimatic Pergola

Modern design, with a wide variety of colours, and options to add automations.

Evothea Pergola System

Silent operation & free movement

The noise caused during the movement of the blinds is absorbed, without disturbing. The closing of the blinds is also silent with the use of tires between the blinds.

The system uses an invisible motor, placed inside the transom, which allows the blinds to move freely.

The brush on the side of the blinds, on the transom, absorbs the noise during the movement of the blinds and blocks the light when the blind is closed.

That way, you can be certain that you are enjoying a product of excellent quality, which completely satisfies your needs.

The Evothéa Bioclimatic Pergola is made entirely of aluminum. It has rotating blinds, which offer complete protection from the sun but also from rain or snow with a controlled water runoff system.

Revolving blinds | Protection from the sun | Protection from rain & snow

Evothéa has a modern design, comes in a wide variety of colours, and offers many possibilities to add automations that dramatically improve the user experience.

It is an ideal choice for covering outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces in residences, hotel facilities and dining areas. The elegance of its design makes it a top solution that fits perfectly into any kind of environment.

Πέργκολα evothea
Shading Systems
Evothea Typology


Rainwater Runoff
The pergola has a special design to collect and lead the water to the crossbar, and through the column lead it to the ground.
The profile of the louver is specially shaped to hold water drops and prevent them from falling to the ground during movement of the louver.

Σύστημα πέργκολας evothea

Automation Options:
✓ Led lighting
✓ Rain or wind sensor
✓ Heating with infrared stoves
✓ Audio and music streaming via bluetooth
✓ Control via smartphone

The finish of the profiles can be chosen between anodizing, a variety of electrostatic paint colors (RAL) or imitation wood.

Profile Sections

Evothea Dimensions